The Greatest Prize Online Slots are available at Hawkplay.

The majority of the games at most online casinos are slots, like the ones at Hawkplay. These slot machine games have a wide range of themes and gameplay mechanics, but they all share a massive payoff. Slot machines can return the stake a thousand times in a single spin, whereas blackjack can pay out twice the amount and roulette can return 35 times the bet if the number is correct. This explains why casual players and those who only wish to wager a small amount are so drawn to slot machines.

Additionally, casinos have developed technology that enables them to blend games from several websites and nations to create significant progressive wins. Millions of euros may be up for grabs in the largest prizes, which rival those offered by state lotteries. Additionally, if you play at Jackpot Casino, you can still win. The five games with the highest payouts ever are shown below.


Mega Millions (Microgaming)

One of the most well-known real-money online slots is Mega Moolah, also referred to as the “king of jackpot games.” It contains a prize game where you can spin a wheel to win one of four jackpots and is activated at random. Twenty million euros were previously included in the Mega Moolah cash reward. The cost increases every time the wheel revolves and cannot be less than one million euros.


The Mega Millions (NetEnt)

When it comes to jackpots, Mega Fortune is undoubtedly Mega Moolah’s biggest rival. One lucky player earned €18 million in 2013. Up until Mega Moolah shattered the record last year, it was the largest reward ever awarded. However, Mega Fortune is a highly well-known game that frequently creates millionaires in different parts of the world.


The Jackpot Giant by Playtech

The other games offer additional features that pull players in, but the only draw of payoff Giant is its enormous payoff. Additionally, whereas Jackpot Giant stands alone, the two games that came before it are linked to other games. The record profit frequently exceeded ten million euros.


The Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

This game has paid out one of the largest jackpots in the history of online casinos even though it isn’t as sophisticated as the other games on the list and feels a touch dated. A player from Finland won a prize in 2012 that was valued roughly 8.6 million euros.


The Gods’ Chamber

Numerous slot machines based on Norse mythology are now available as a result of the success of the Thor movie. None of them, however, come close to NetEnt’s Hall of Gods, which previously awarded a player with 7.6 million euros. There are additional opportunities to win big in the game, such as an additional game with bonus spins.


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