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Lambrini girls are classic. I can't work out whether that new Honda ad is genius or just insanity or just awful. Been back in the UK for four weeks now and 'creamy but low in fat' is the most punchable ad ever made, even more than the Choo Choo Choo Trainline one.

It's supposed to be uplifting and how the lottery grant committee helps to fulfil ambitions. See it here

Was he famous for gellin'? Which is a shame because I actually really like Sears i. Was saying to a friend last night that what's creepiest about the Evian Babies advert is it feels like an advert that will be loved by people who love babies so much that they feel compelled to go out and steal one.

Hey, it could have been worse.

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If so, I think this will be enough to put me off Weetabix forever, thanks. FFS that Orange ad though - "I am the bloke I will meet travelling who will teach me to play the guitar" - er, no, by the look of him he'll teach you how to squeal like a pig, boy!

If you treat 'sugar' as a countable noun where it's short for 'one spoonful of sugar' or 'one lump of sugar' then they should really be saying "Zero sugars". There is this one ad wherein a teenager pretends to be Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit. Actually, this reminds me of a girl I used to know who said she loved dentist drills.

Damon being the good communist that he is, I'm sure he turned over the money for the cause.

Muscle asian kenott ken ott craig donovan gay kiss gay

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