Luckycola com has the world’s largest jackpot online slot machines.

The majority of the games available in most online casinos are slot machines like in luckycola com. These slot machine games vary greatly in topic and structure, but they all have one thing in common: massive jackpots. Whereas blackjack can pay out double the amount and roulette can pay out 35x if the number is accurate, slot machines can pay out the bet a thousand times in a single spin. This is why slot machines are so popular among casual gamblers and those looking to play for little bets.

Furthermore, casinos have created technology that mixes games from several sites and nations to create large progressive prizes. The biggest prizes, which compete with national lotteries, can reach millions of euros. Also, you can still play and win at Jackpot Casino. We’ve compiled a list of five games that have given out the largest jackpots in history.

Mega Millions (Microgaming)

Mega Moolah, the king of jackpot games, is one of the most popular online real money slot machines. It includes a jackpot game that is randomly activated and allows you to win one of four jackpots by spinning a wheel. The jackpot reward, the Mega Moolah, was already worth 20 million euros. The price cannot be less than a million euros and rises with each spin of the wheel.

Mega Millions (NetEnt)

In the jackpot area, Mega Fortune is likely Mega Moolah’s main rival. In 2013, one lucky player won € 18 million from the game. It held the record for the largest jackpot at the moment until Mega Moolah broke it last year. Still, Mega Fortune is a hugely popular game that frequently produces millionaires all around the world.

The Jackpot Giant (Playtech)

While the aforementioned games have other features to entice players, Jackpot Giant is only centered on its massive jackpot. Also, the two preceding games are related to other games, whereas Jackpot Giant is a standalone game. The record profit was frequently in excess of ten million euros.

The Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

This game isn’t as sophisticated as the others on the list, and it appears to be a little out of date, yet Arabian Nights has delivered one of the largest jackpots in online casino history. In 2012, a player from Finland won a reward of around EUR 8.6 million.

The Hall of Gods

Because of the success of the Marvel Thor movie, numerous slot machines are based on Norse mythology. None of them, however, can rival with NetEnt’s Hall of Gods, which previously paid out 7.6 million euros to a player. The game also includes other opportunities to win big money, such as a profitable bonus game with free spins.


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