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Mozart was fond of toilet humour, his letters to friends and family often contained scatological passages. Osama bin Laden makes an appearance as a turban-wearing stray cat. Amandagamani Abhaya of Anuradhapura. It was sent to space in and is currently the farthest man-made object from Earth.

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Hotel toilet-paper folding. Views Read View source View history. Flat Earth Society. Self-inflicted caesarean section. Pentium F00F Bug. Bad weather isn't the only reason to avoid the summit of Mount Washington.

A complex of architecturally distinct rooms, streets, gardens, and shops designed by Alex Jordan Jr.

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A homoerotic homophonic translation of Homer: "Men in Aida, they appeal, eh? Bantam Books. It consists of a metre branch line and was constructed as a direct result of the Vatican's recognition as a country. An officials' association in pre-war ViennaAustriaof a shipping company for transporting passengers and cargo on the Danube.

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  • At a press conference, the city's new mayor Lori Lightfoot left spoke furiously as she accused Johnson pictured right with his wife and child of deliberately 'misleading' her, the city and the police department when he claimed in October.
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An uninhabited river island which switches sovereignty between France and Spain every six months. Elvis' Greatest Shit. A function with an unusual notation and possessing unusual fractal properties.

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