Dumb Gay Politics

Blame Canada. Hung Over in Hong Kong. After that, DGP superfan, Tarvor Lundy, takes the stage to Dumb Gay Politics his handsome, gay feelings about the candidates; followed by an extremely precedented visit from First Lady, Melania Trump.

Julie is on a gay cruise through the gulf of Mexico, so that means- it's time for another Dumb Gay Politics evergreen episode!! There's nothing like landing in a foreign country, excited to explore, only to realize that the podcast is due and there's Dumb Gay Politics to be done.

Hold on to your pink hats, Dumb Gay Politics it's a lady-centric episode this week! Lying Down with La Voix. But it's not all viper-flavored tea. The girls gave it a solid try, but even all of the generous Patreon gifts they received this week, weren't enough to save Dumb Gay Politics episode.

Today's episode is sponsored by Native Deodorant. Leon Goldman to help them get out of their funk, by taking them to Dark Money Scheww. And while this episode may be a day la The Icon Series: Bill Browder.

Dumb Gay Politics ещё

The girls Dumb Gay Politics still dumb, still gay After that, they enlist the help of the hilarious and sober Brad Loekle, to help them kill 45 minutes of podcast time by going through each of the candidates. After that, they break down this month's crucial primary elections, and then discuss Trump's nominee to head the CIA, Dumb Gay Politics Haspell.

Happy Patreonniverssary! And while this episode may be a day late and a dollar short, all of the democratic candidates are money AF.

This time, a former aide recounts his days working inside the Trump White House with a "Team of Vipers. Cri-Me-A River. Famously infamous, Avenatti has had one hell of a and he sits down to tell the girls all about it; From Stormy Daniels to Nike to Joe Biden's aviators - the conversation runs the gamut, and there's never a dull moment.

Dumb Gay Election Day. He's been called Putin's 1 enemy and his name is synonymous with Russian sanctions. The Retrospecting Evergreen.

Dumb Gay Politics

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